This is us
We were tasked to create Trust from scratch. It was to be Singapore's first digital-only bank, backed by a unique partnership between Standard Chartered Bank and grocery favourite FairPrice Group. These two organisations have more than 200 years of combined experience in serving the community in Singapore. 
In Singapore, money often feels more stressful than it should and a cluttered noisy banking category only fuels FOMO. Insights and audits clearly pointed to an empathetic perspective that would resonate with and include all those who call Singapore home.  With 80% of the population living in government-funded housing, the reality of lifestyles is often not accurately reflected in the images seen in the media.
'Keeping it real' was clearly the opportunity. The strategic foundation was 'Trust builds' a reminder on many levels of the brand's 'why'. A focus not on banking but on building, financial stability ,and wealth of course, but also literacy, confidence, communities, convenience, smiles ,and more. The personality 'Helpful, hopeful, and humble' steers messaging and visual identity away from the cliches and keeps the brand rooted in the day-to-day realities of Singapore.
The creative idea is 'This is us'. We simply celebrated the authentic places and faces of Singapore that media and tourism seldom captures.  A place of contrast with layers of difference where no two stories are alike. A mixing pot of an island didn’t just make different work, it made different great.
100,000 new accounts opened after 10 days.
The most downloaded app in sept. 22 In Singapore.
After 7 months Almost 10% of Singaporeans are customers.
One of the fastest-growing digital banks anywhere worldwide.
Endorsed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore.
Transform Asia: Gold x2 and Silver
2021-2022. Creative Director. Superunion. Singapore
Money isn’t always easy. It often feels more stressful than it should, and it gets pretty confusing with all the noise. Advice and input come from multiple sources, even though your money choices should be personal to you. Trust is positioned to know, and understand.
This brand is united by a need for clarity, understanding, support, and optimism around our money. It keeps it real in a humble, hopeful, and helpful way. 
The visual identity embraced a place of contrast with layers of difference where no two stories are alike. A mixing pot of an island that didn’t just make different work, it made different great. A brand for all those who call Singapore home
“Superunion took the time to immerse in our consumer insights and corporate ambition – and coupled with their creative expertise, created a brand that speaks to the diverse needs of consumers in Singapore! Having trust deeply rooted throughout the collaborative journey,  means we all had a hand in creating this new brand for all of us in Singapore.”
 – Kelvin Tan, CMO, Trust Bank

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