Have some flippin' fun
Make designers flip through the Papers. To promote their new range of Arena papers Fedrigoni needed a creative solution that could demonstrate the varieties of ‘rational yet elegant’ textures within the range. They wanted designers to feel the paper, experience and explore the tactile and joyous combinations.
Let designers have some flipping fun. All designers know happy accidents often result in moments of pure joy. We took this simple insight and brought it to life by sketching some of the more irrational and obscure things that make us all happy! The traditional swatch-book into a playful flipbook.
Hundreds of Happymess limited edition prints are in the hands of leading designers and studios throughout Europe. The lucky recipients are enjoying discovering the 1024 ‘messy irrational’ combinations which complement Fedrigoni's ‘rational yet elegant', paper stock.
Art Directors Club NYC: Shortlisted.
2021 – 2022.. Creative Director, Superunion. Global
Fedrigoni were searching for a way to hero the ‘rational yet elegant’ textures within their Arena range. Our solution was a joyful juxtaposition of the paper: emotional and messy
We expect happiness to appear from our alchemic formulas of places, faces, and things. But it’s elusive, mercurial even. Happiness is messy. 

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