TNB Aura
Uncommon Chemistry
The burgeoning Venture Capital scene in Southeast Asia is alive with branding cliches – the same images of skylines, people in meetings, unemotional diagrams, and fluffy words. Singapore-based TNB Aura wanted to cut through using only its strengths.
Through our conversations, it is clear how their intelligence and diligence influence their business, but they are also honest about success “We research, we calculate, we know the formulas, but ultimately there are many things we can’t control, sometimes it’s just down to luck, um, fairy dust perhaps?” But from the stakeholder interviews is obvious was not just luck. It is their authenticity, passion, and human connection that create their success.
The chemistry that they create with people is a rare thing within the industry. This gave us our idea of “Uncommon Chemistry” We engaged a team of scientists at Singapore Polytechnic to create a genuine visual language for these genuine humans behind the success of the Venture Capital firm.
• 50% increase in closed deals.
• 150% increase in social media following.
• Attracted and
engaged Development Finance Institutions and larger institutional investors.
• Expansion beyond Si
ngapore into Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines & Malaysia.
• Pioneering sustainable investments, diversity, equality and inclusion.
One Show Asia: Shortlist
Transform Asia: Gold and Silver

2020-2022. Creative Director. Superunion. South East Asia

TNB Aura invests in the power of people, not just the pursuit of money. Combining the right elements to create extraordinary reactions, where spontaneous growth naturally occurs.
 We call this ‘Uncommon Chemistry’

We engaged a team of scientists to capture the magic between a vibrant young Venture Capital company and the incredible people they invest in. Genuine chemistry to represent, genuine people, with genuine results
We’re proud of the results as they articulate the distinctive relationships we have with our partners and colleagues. The rich chemical visual language sets us apart from our peers and intuitively expresses that same emotional resonance of our relationships”
– Vicknesh Pillay, Co-founder & Managing Partner

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