World Table Tennis
Change the Perspective
The International Table Tennis federation needed to evolve the sport, It needed to appeal to new audiences to attract new sponsors. The perception was that Table Tennis is not a sport, more of a hobby. The International Table Tennis Federation needed to change the game and reimagine the mental and physical extremes of the elite end of the sport.
So, World Table Tennis (WTT) was created to serve a fresh, modern perspective that’s always on the ball. Professional table tennis had all the elements it needed to capture the attention of new audiences. The energy, the drama, the heart-pounding, teeth-clenching, nail-biting tension. Our idea is simple. Show the game from the ball’s view to capture the energy and skill and let the world see Table Tennis from a new perspective. The visual identity captures the precision, speed, and courage in the sport like it’s never been seen before. 
WTT now has over 3m followers across social platforms.
Coca Cola is a sponsor for all tournaments in China.
WTT held their first tournament on the American continent.  
Now officially grown into the most-watched sport in China.
Art Directors Club NYC: Shortlist
Transform Asia: Gold, Silver, and Bronze
2019-2020. Creative Director. Superunion. Global
Creatively, our idea is simple: Show the game from the ball’s view to capture the speed and skill – literally presenting Table Tennis from a new completely new perspective that heroes the spin, speed, power, and precision. 
Strategically, WTT is the stage for table tennis excellence. Bringing the sport to the world; from allstar icons to the next generation of professional athletes, we represent the best of the best.
From the new iconic black table to the reimagined theatre of play, the change in the game speaks for itself.

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