The Typefaces
Faces in Type
Somewhere between the world of being a dad, and being a designer, I had an idea on the train. Could it be a kids' book or a design book? And how on earth do I make it happen?

For the designer in every child and the child in every designer. The Typefaces inspired exhibitions, talks, and an invitation to Apple. Published by Victionary and available in bookshops and on Amazon.

2014-2021. Personal Project. Global.
The Typefaces: London Exhibition
The Typefaces: hand printed numbered editions
The Typefaces are simply faces in type. Inspired by letterpress printing and playful observations, they were born in a sketchpad, grew up in a book, and can now be found wandering the streets, climbing the walls, tweeting their mouths off, and spending all their time on the 'gram.
Today at Apple: The Typefaces
The Typefaces: Singapore exhibition
The Typefaces breathe new perspective into a typography that is thousands of years old. In doing so it might encourage us all to look at familiar things in new ways.

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