Established in 1981, GIC was the brainchild of Dr Goh Keng Swee, then Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The General Investment fund was created 40 years ago by the founders of Singapore itself.  GIC is one of the three investment entities in Singapore that manage the Government’s reserves.
GIC asked us to reimagine their purpose, positioning, and personality for the next thirty years. Part of the brief was to make an understanding of them that is more accessible for the wider Singaporean public and beyond, but not at the expense of their reputation for being both elite and discrete.
The positioning of 'Purpose-built' speaks of authentic origins and intentions for the nation. A refreshed logo is more suitable in a screen first world, the identity system builds off the five pillars of their values, and the photography embraces both the famous landmarks but not at the expense of showing the heartlands of Singapore so often unseen outside its borders.
"GIC is pivoting for the future. To continue fulfilling its purpose of securing the financial future of Singapore" – Lim Chow Kiat is CEO of GIC
2020. Creative Director. Superunion. South-East Asia
The refresh refers to GIC's rich heritage of success along with its investment in innovation, but primarily it speaks in today's world. The photography embraces both the famous landmarks but not at the expense of showing the heartlands of Singapore so often unseen outside its borders.
Working hand-in-hand with GIC's in-house design team, the identity features some courageous choices: an electric blue to compliment the established trusted navy, and the typeface too is brave – Canela is a graceful display typeface that defies many of the traditional classifications helping them have a unique accent in the world of finance and investment.

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