Ultima Gold
Recognising the legends of Asia
Citi’s Ultima exclusive luxury credit card is a success for most of its customers. To engage their one hundred most affluent customers they needed a truly exclusive story for a bespoke new product, not an easy task as these select few are generally humble and avoid the limelight.

The world’s first gold credit card is only for the rarest of individuals, the mythical legends of Asia. It is a reflection of the life they have earned and was presented as part of a product experience including a handmade lacquer chest.
For those who see the world like no other, we created a card that looks like no other. It does the talking for an understated individual and honours the experiences that have defined them.
2018. Creative Director. Superunion. South-East Asia.
The card is presented as part of a product experience including a handmade lacquer chest, adorned with illustrated Asian legends. The ultra-high-net-worth customer was invited to choose the mythical creature that best represented them.
For the world's first real gold Credit card, the logical solution is to create a hallmark. The idea for the hallmark gifted itself, gold in the periodic table is 'Au' which are also the first and last letters of 'ultima' ​​​​​​​

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