The heart of Asian e-commerce
With 80 million monthly users across Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, Alibaba group's shopping flagship Lazada is fast becoming e-commerce in South East Asia. Never before pausing in the midst of the Asian e-commerce craze, Lazada came to us at a crossroads – realising its business and brand needed to stand for something more than bragging about super sales and daily deals – to maintain its leadership position and ultimately rise above the cluttered Asian marketplace.
Lazada is the heartbeat of commerce in Asia, but we saw something more, beyond commodification, we saw that simply shopping is an emotional decision, it’s about personal progress. This led us to our brand idea –
 ‘Go where your heart beats.' 
This sentiment captures the fast-paced lifestyle of Asia, the excitement of online shopping and the fact that Lazada is truly an integral part of Southeast Asia’s pulsing energy and upward trajectory.

• Indonesia is now Lazada’s largest market, experiencing 145% growth.
• Deepening Lifestyle Integration, 1 in 2 Singaporeans use Lazada.
• Lazada Philippines strengthening its position despite COVID19, growth is 125% YOY.
• Higher use engagement 
• 20% increase in average time spent on app.
• More quality sellers,
• 100% increase in sellers selling over $5000.
• Social Engagement is up 
• 7X in users of LazGame, Lazcoins, and LazLive.
– Alibaba Investor Day Report 2020

Transform Asia: Gold
2018-2020. Creative Director. Superunion. South-East Asia
We standardised typography, emboldened existing colours to express different emotions, crafted own-able iconography, a sonic identity, and defined motion principles.

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