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Seeds of Change

NUS Giving is the connector between donors and the six departments within the university, collecting over S$200m annually, more than any other charity in the country. Many of the donors are high- net-worth individuals accustomed to sophisticated experiences and are keen to ensure that their passions and values will abide.
The new NUS Giving brand provides reassurance that a donor's legacy will be continue, and reminds them that one day the support they have provided for the next generation, will inspire that generation to continue the cycle when their time comes.
2019 –2021. Creative Director. Superunion. Singapore.
The new NUS Giving brand provides reassurance that a donors legacy will be continue.The idea of Seeds of Change grew from a Greek fable.
"A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit"
By giving future leaders, pioneers and change-makers a platform to learn, The foremost minds of today the opportunity to solve the problems of tomorrow, the students of today a lasting bond with their future alma mater, And the future of knowledge a haven to flourish: We’re not just fundraising. We’re future-making
83.87% of donors agreed that the new visual identity evokes enough trust for them to engage and invest. 90.32% of donors agreed that the new brand design alludes a sense of trust and confidence in the brand.
“The new logo looks classy and sophisticated. The dark green suits the tagline seeds of change as it ties back to nature and growth. I like the new look and rebranding.”

“The seed and the garden work well with illustrating the legacy - which allows for a broader view of giving with the benefits being more longer term”
Quotes from anonymous donor survey.

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