What makes us human?

Finding a creative outlet in the middle of COVID19 lock-down was essential for everyone. But with limited materials how can we create?
Robox were created from stencilling consumer packaging. Creating Robox is often more fun than the product that was inside the box. It might also lead to question preconceptions around the tools and skills required to create art – anyone can be creative with everyday objects and encouraged up-cycling of waste.
2020-21. Personal Project. Singapore.
Robox asks questions about the way we live – what happens when we are entombed in our homes surrounded by the things we buy? How much happiness is in our material wealth?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Creativity makes us human. It helps us process emotions, it invites collaboration and unites people. Made from stencils found in everyday boxes, Robox removed any preconception that you people are creative or not creative. You don’t need to have trained skills, special tools.

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