Ci³ is an initiative by researchers at Cambridge University that aims to take the lessons from COVID-19 to prevent the next global pandemic. The barrier that prevents this now is all manmade. The boundaries are geographical but also institutional. They aim to challenge the way funding is usually channeled to established figures and put it in the hands of scientists working on the ground in the places most at risk. And through a focus on four main areas – climate change, zoonotic, equitable medicines, and disease tracking.
Ci³ is here to work together to solve global problems, Infectious diseases know no borders, to foresee them and find the solutions, the field of research itself has no choice but to cross its own boundaries of funding, collaboration, and communication. Ci³  is a global collective of infectious disease experts practicing in a world where we have never been more relevant. We are all now more aware of the power of cross-border cooperation, and as the world evolves further they will focus on areas where we foresee new risks will emerge.
2021 – 2022. Creative Director.  Freelance

The visual identity takes cues from urban street art prevalent in the areas most vulnerable to infectious diseases. The traditional serif typesetting is inspired by the scientific papers that Cambridge is recognized for.
The playful illustrations quickly convey concepts in a way that is often seen in scientific journals. The tone of voice swerves scientific vernacular to become deliberately straightforward and provocative to chalenge old mindsets into open spaces

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